Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of shirts do you print on?
A. All shirts are printed Tees and American Apparel, 100% cotton shits unless otherwise noted.

Q. Do you have a print catalog?
A. Not for retail, sorry.

Q. I have a great idea for a t-shirt, will you make it?
A. Perhaps. If you are an artist you should contact us at info@distroy.com. Send a few samples of your artwork and we will be in touch.

Q. Do you do custom screen printing work for my band, company, etc..?
A. Yes. Contact us if you have a project you would like to work with us on.

Q. Are you hiring?
A. We are often times looking for the following types of people:

  • Artists (contract or commission based)
  • Web Developers - anyone great with html, css, javascript, asp, maybe flash should contact us. This may be contract, part time, or full time.
  • Java Developers - JSP, Servlet, Struts, Tomcat experience would be awesome. (Contract or part time)
  • Models - not a paid job but we give you free shirts if you pose for us for an hour or two.

Q. I also run a clothing/tshirt company, would you like to trade?
A. Perhaps. What you got?

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